Gravis GamePad Pro USB


  • Compatible with PC games using joystick or keyboard
  • Digital control for precision and instantaneous response
  • Thumb-controlled directional pad with detachable joystick
  • Built-in connector accommodates 2 pads for head-to-head play
  • 10 programmable action buttons

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The USB version of Gravis’s GamePad Pro makes for an extremely simple setup–in Windows 98, all you need to do is plug it in and start playing. Mac setup is almost as simple and involves an additional software installation with the provided software.

The GamePad Pro’s long 8-foot connecting cable gives you plenty of room to take a step or two back from your PC while gaming. The gamepad also features hot swapping so you can plug and unplug various USB peripherals without having to reboot or turn off your machine. In Windows 98, the gamepad uses the driver for an “HID Compliant Game Controller,” so you can start playing right after installation, without having to calibrate the pad. Upon installation, you can also immediately access the Test area of the Game Controllers function to make sure the gamepad is connected properly.

The GamePad Pro’s basic layout should be familiar to anyone who’s ever played a console game (in fact, it closely resembles the standard PlayStation controller). It has a thumb-controlled directional pad on the left for movement, four action buttons on the right, and four flipper buttons on the top of the pad to handle additional game controls. If you’re one of those folks who’d rather manage movement with a stick, the GamePad Pro also features an attachable joystick that screws into the middle of the D-pad. However, the pad can feel a bit small for users with sizable hands.

The GamePad Pro works well for sports games (it was perfect forĀ NFL Blitz 2000) and action games, but is limited by the number of buttons for more involved games, such as first-person shooters.

In addition to quick installation, the GamePad Pro also boasts a nice sticker price. If you’re looking for an easy-to-use gamepad to handle basic controls in your games, the GamePad Pro should do the trick.

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